• Superior websites
    Superior websites
  • Google domination
    Google domination
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    Digital asset strategies
  • Industry leadership
    Industry leadership

What do we do to elevate your business in searches?

Intrinsic improvements

  1. Naming of business or product or service. Is this the right message and is it helping you be found? Do you have a complete description of processes, services and problems you address?
  2. Value creation. Is your business delivering the best value for money? Is it a great service? Can there be improvements? Can you offer guaranteed delivery time, quality or performance guarantees? We help define your differentiation. What do you deliver above and beyond the competitors?
  3. Specific services designed around niche markets. We find great opportunities around key word specific niche services. For example instead of non slip tiles.... Create target audience specific "body corporate non slip tile service"
  4. Memberships, qualifications, endorsements. Will a quality system, or association membership assist your credibility or consideration for certain contracts? You'd be surprised by the extra business you can attract if you're 'green' and have environmental credentials.
  5. Values. Having a set of highly held values, that set you apart from competitors is an excellent way to boost intrinsic value. Especially when you get staff buy in, and it influences the front line of service.
  6. Innovation. What are you doing to keep ahead of the competition? A commitment to R and D is great, but ensure you're innovating on at least one front, to set customer perceptions of your business as leading the charge.
  7. Leadership. Thought leadership can be expressed through articles, guest talks, seminars, association participation, or television industry spokesperson roles. Make sure you have at least a dozen video's of you commenting on the industry direction, challenges and innovations on you tube.

Extrinsic improvements

  1. Visible value. Do you express all the compelling reasons to deal with you in a compelling and memorable way? We've perfected the art of benefit icons, slogan graphics, guarantee seals and graphics to support powerful edgecraft, or innovation.
  2. Content rich website. We build amazing websites that hit the mark for ranking and prominence in searches. Some of our websites run 250 pages to 1000 pages. We ensure what google loves, a freshness of content with regular- daily updates to content. The addition of pages over time and the refreshing of old articles and content.
  3. Secondary specialist services websites. These sub sites help establish a specialism... A specialist service you offer.
  4. Social profiles with significant activity. Obviously Facebook Twitter, linked in, you tube, google plus, and other bookmarking sites.
  5. Hundreds of articles. Not short articles, but scholarly articles. Articles with a research Base and real credibility.
  6. Press releases. Submission to media channels and press journalists. Publication in media is a huge ranking benefit.
  7. Media library. Media should be scattered around the Internet, but be all easily found. Media should be built over time. Avoid uploading all 50 videos in one week, spread this over time for a better effect.


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